u-blox to launch GPS chipset with built-in dead reckoning

u-blox to launch GPS chipset with built-in dead reckoning
u-blox AG today announced the LEA-4R GPS module with built-in dead reckoning technology. Continuous coverage allows for GPS-enabled applications such as car navigation, emergency vehicle services, asset and vehicle tracking products and road pricing systems, which require accurate, uninterrupted navigation.

u-blox’ dead reckoning technology uses sensors that detect travelled distance and turn rate, supplementing GPS data and thus providing an accurate position in tunnels, indoor parking facilities, roofed logistics centers, urban canyons and any other environment where obstructed GPS signals hinder positioning.

Its built-in algorithm uses a combination of GPS and dead reckoning data that counters the respective disadvantages of each approach. Depending on the quality of the GPS signal and on how well the dead-reckoning sensors are calibrated, the technology uses a weighted mix of both data, generating optimal accuracy and coverage results. The LEA-4R's algorithmic approach also eliminates multi-path effects caused by high-rise buildings, position inaccuracies, and distortions from jamming sources.

The GPS chipset and sensors are packed into a tiny 17 x 22 mm module. Samples will be available in May 2007.

This kind of solution will find a perfect place in high end Personal Navigation Devices and allow them to compete with in-dash solutions which are using the car sensors for dead reckoning navigation purpose.

Wednesday, April 18th 2007

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