u-blox to Ship New GPS Single-Chip in Miniature Package

u-blox to Ship New GPS Single-Chip in Miniature Package
Swiss GPS designer u-blox is introducing their latest GPS single-chip UBX-G6010-NTthat is designed for small, low-power, low cost applications.

“UBX-G6010-NT delivers the industry-leading positioning performance of u-blox 6 technology in a micro-miniature package: only 5 x 6 x 1.1 mm”, wrote u-blox in a press release.

The UBX G6010-NT provides high sensitivity, down to -162 dBm or -148 dBm during coldstart, and is said to offer fast acquisition times.

UBX G6010-NT minimizes PCB area to less than 7 x 8 mm for a complete standalone GPS receiver. With most passive components integrated, the total system BOM requires only 5 external components including SAW filter and TCXO. An LDO and LNA are integrated and external memory is not needed. Lower price GPS crystals as well as TCXOs are supported. 2-layer PCB integration capability and small footprint ensures further cost savings, explained u-blox.

The chip is already designed-in at some lead customers, and production ramp-up is said to be imminent.

Thursday, January 13th 2011

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