u-blox selected by Thinkware for iNavi PNDs

iNAVI GX from Thinkware System
iNAVI GX from Thinkware System
GPS and wireless chipset provider u-blox has announced today a new customer in the name of Thinkware system, currently leader on the South Korean PND market. u-blox’ GPS receiver chip has been integrated into Thinkware’s recently launched navigation system series iNAVI. The first two models, GX and ES300, are already available on the Korean market.

"As the demand for affordable personal navigation devices is becoming ubiquitous among consumers, device manufacturers are more than ever focusing on delivering low-priced portable navigation devices with increased levels of functionality,” explained Adrian Tan, VP Sales Asia at u-blox.

This is a major win for u-blox if we consider both the important size of the Korean PND market (read more here) and the leading position of Thinkware.

Friday, June 19th 2009

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