iSuppli predicts 65M satnav shipped by 2012

iSuppli, a market research company specialized in electronics components published a new study entitled: Portable Navigation Devices Drive Semiconductor Growth; its author, Richard Robinson is forecasting total market shipments of 65.1 million navigation systems by 2012, more than three times the 19.8 million shipped in 2006.

This market prediction is not far away from Gartner Dataquest’s expectations for 2011 -given by analyst Thilo Koslowski at the recent Telematics Update conference: 60 million PNDs and 12 million in-dash products.

“The rise in popularity of PNDs has encouraged the two leaders in this market — Tom-Tom and Garmin — to expand their business. These companies now are two of the fastest-growing semiconductor buyers in the world because demand is so hot,” said Richard Robinson, principal analyst for automotive electronics at iSuppli. “Given that the handheld navigation market is still at such an early stage of development, this is an amazing feat.”

According to iSuppli’s press release: “Mio and Navman together captured 20 percent of the market in 2006, putting Mitac in the No. 3 spot, behind Tom-Tom and Garmin. Tom-Tom and Garmin posted 37 percent and 25 percent market shares, respectively”. These figures demonstrate the already strong concentration of the market worldwide, with three companies capturing 82% shares.

Worldwide Automotive Navigation Systems Forecast (2006-2012)
(millions units) 

Monday, June 11th 2007

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