iPhone app MotionX-GPS claims 1.5M users

iPhone app MotionX-GPS claims 1.5M users
Fullpower, a Californian company which develop Motion-X GPS, one of the best selling LBS applications on the iPhone App store, said yesterday that their application currently has 1.5 million users. In total the company claims over 3 million iPhone downloads, which also include its free application MotionX-GPS Lite and a few other dice games.

MotionX-GPS is an outdoor GPS application dedicated to sport enthusiasts for outdoor navigation and sport monitoring. The application has some interesting features such as “One-Click Facebook and Twitter Share” that allows for tracks to be instantly shared with friends and family. The software can also cache maps allowing for fast map display without cellular coverage. The latest version of MotionX-GPS currently sells for $2.99 in the App Store.

According to their latest press release: “Avid sailors, Fullpower founder Philippe Kahn, and vice president of technology, Mark Christensen, are currently using MotionX-GPS V6 as they doublehand across the Pacific in the Transpac 2009, a legendary 2,225 nautical mile race from California to Hawaii.” Soon enough to retire…?

Thursday, July 9th 2009

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