iOS 8 and Background Location

iOS 8 and Background Location
If you have an iPhone and have switched to the new operating system, iOS 8, you definitely have noticed a number of notifications that offer you to fine tune the way you disclose your location to certain apps.

Clearly Apple is willing to keep its iOS users up-to-date with which app is receiving location information and when. With the new version of the software you have a better understanding of what is going on and you can choose to disable the location entirely or limit it to when you use the app.

But the way these notification messages are worded - i.e. not explaining why the app requires your location in the background - is pretty much prompting you to say “no“ most of the time.

This will likely have some bad consequences on app developers - such as Foursquare or Google Now - that heavily rely on background location to send you notifications or add a context layer to their service. And this wave is pretty immediate because within the first five days of availability already 46% iOS device users had switched to the new operating system.

Thursday, September 25th 2014

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