i-Systems launch ‘robust and flexible’ StaySafe app to protect their lone working engineers

Independent IT, telecommunications and electrical service provider i-Systems has rolled out innovative lone worker security app, StaySafe Business.
The app, which tracks an employee’s location via GPS and alerts their manager if they do not check-in safely within a specified time, will be used to ensure that i-Systems engineers are safe when working alone.

Prior to signing with StaySafe, i-Systems were manually administrating a system where engineers would text or call their employer when they arrived safely on site. However, in order to better meet their duty of care and to adhere to lone worker safety legislation i-Systems felt they needed a solution that was more robust. After a review of the lone worker safety market they selected StaySafe.

The StaySafe app, enables i-Systems to keep track of their employees in case of emergencies using the StaySafe online Hub. The Hub accurately locates workers on a map and provides real-time updates on their location. If an employee activates the app’s panic button or fails to check in, alerts are instantly visible in the StaySafe Hub and are backed up with automatic notifications via text and email. As well as a panic button facility, the StaySafe app also has additional features such as GPS tracking, a low battery alert and duress pin.

I-Systems ran a successful one month trial of the app before deciding to roll out the solution. James Evans, Director, i-Systems explains their decision to work with StaySafe Business;

“StaySafe Business is a really easy to use and flexible solution which our employees can activate when they are working alone or in more risky environments. Not all our jobs require lone worker safety measures so the app is perfect for us as employees can easily switch it on and off depending on the work they are doing. StaySafe appealed to us because it has a very comprehensive range of features whilst still being easy to use. Employee feedback has been very positive as our engineers feel we are taking their safety seriously and are reassured that we could quickly respond in an emergency. We are now looking at rolling out the app to other areas of the business”.

Don Cameron, CEO, StaySafe adds “The StaySafe Business app is a great solution for organisations like i-Systems who work on a project basis, who only need a lone worker solution for certain jobs. The app is always there on the employees smartphone ready to use when needed, but won’t take up any of their time checking in and out on days when they are in the office or part of a bigger team. Alternatively, if an employee will be doing a very high-risk job, the app can be set to prompt them to confirm they are safe at regular intervals – perhaps as frequently as every 10-15 minutes. This flexibility of use makes StaySafe Business the ideal solution to keep employees safe whatever their working pattern”.

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StaySafe – Don Cameron doncameron@staysafeapp.com
i-Systems – James Evans james.evans@i-systemsltd.co.uk

Notes to editors

About StaySafe
StaySafe Business provides personal protection for lone working employees and enables employers to meet their duty of care. Our easy to use smartphone app tracks location in real-time enabling lone workers to check-in safely after working and request immediate assistance if necessary. The online Hub receives alerts and provides detailed location mapping for employers. The app offers unrivalled functionality including a panic button, working session expiry, low battery warning, GPS tracking, inactivity and duress alerts. StaySafe is in use globally across three continents and across a wide range of sectors. For more information visit http://www.staysafeapp.com/staysafe-business

About i-Systems
i-Systems Limited is a Gloucestershire-based independent IT, Telecommunications and Electrical service provider serving the UK and Europe. Founded in March 2007, i-Systems Limited is built on the belief that ‘we can do better’ than our competitors in the IT, Telecommunications and Electrical industries. Traditionally serving the Fixed and Mobile Telecommunication industries we have continued to expand our existing services to include Electrical Installation and Maintenance Services within the commercial and industrial sectors. For more information visit http://www.i-systemsltd.co.uk/

Wednesday, May 13th 2015
StaySafe Business

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