Ludovic Privat
Ludovic Privat
Ludovic Privat is the co-founder and editor of GPS Business News.

Ludovic is a worldwide recognized expert in the Location-based services industry. He is providing consulting services to large and small companies in the field of location-based advertising, connected car services, GPS navigation, speedcam warning and traffic services, among others.

He has been a panel moderator and speaker at events such as the Consumer Electronics Show, Galileo Application Day, Le Mobile 2.0., GENIVI conference, Future of Nav, Metro'Num and local seminars organized by Ordnance Survey Ireland and Ordnance Survey UK.

Prior to GPS Business News Ludovic was responsible of pan-European public relations at GPS device manufacturer Navman. Earlier in his career he worked as consultant in public relations and marketing for technology companies. In that role he contributed to the launch of flagship mobile and consumer electronics devices such as the TomTom GO or the Handspring Visor and Treo.

Ludovic holds a master degree in political science. Based in Versailles, France, he has been living in several European countries, Africa and the United States. He speaks English, French and Italian.
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