Zubie to Connect Cars Sold by U.S. Retailer AutoNation

B2B to Represent the vast majority of business in the future

Zubie to Connect Cars Sold by U.S. Retailer AutoNation
Zubie, a provider of aftermarket OBD dongles and services, has announced a partnership with AutoNation, one of the largest independent automotive retailers in the U.S.

The partnership started six months ago and was announced last week. As part of the partnership all AutoNation vehicles - new or second-hand - sold in their 282 franchises U.S.-wide can be outfitted with a Zubie device that will notify customers in real-­time to issues including: engine performance, battery life, and other maintenance related items.

When a problem arise in the car the Zubie dongle sends a report to the CRM system of AutoNation which triggers a corresponding alert to the driver.

But alerts can also be triggered by a specific driving behaviour. for example a driver that breaks hard will be offered a break and a tire inspection after a certain time. Lastly alerts are also sent based on the number of miles driven, to offer a dedicated maintenance (oil, etc.) at the right time.

Zubie partners can also take advantage of the “Perks“ programme, a system that - based on insights from driving behavior and vehicle data - tailors relevant savings on items such as insurance, services or accessories through qualified third-party vendors.

Even if Zubie representatives would not release precise numbers about this AutoNation deal, Pragnesh Shah, SVP Customer Experience at Zubie, told GPS Business News “AutoNation currently has thousands of Zubie-enabled vehicles in the field.“

“Zubie has already generated high solid double digits incremental service lift for AutoNation,“ he added.

Pragnesh Shah, SVP Customer Experience at Zubie
Pragnesh Shah, SVP Customer Experience at Zubie
AutoNation is the first of such deals announced by Zubie however Pragnesh Shah told GPS Business News they have other potential customers in their sales pipeline in Europe and Brazil.

B2C vs B2B
The start-up also has a B2C business selling dongles to individuals and small companies, for example in the retail at Best Buy, which is also an investor in the company.

However “in the future this enterprise type of business will be the vast majority of the Zubie business, along with other B2B opportunities such as our deals with insurance companies, or wireless operators like Telefonicà,“ said Pragnesh Shah.

Monday, March 30th 2015

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