YOOSE and Fox Mobile in mobile couponing trial

YOOSE and Fox Mobile in mobile couponing trial
The NAVTEQ LBS Challenge at the CommunicAsia trade show in Singapore was the opportunity to better understand how mobile couponing can leverage user's location. YOOSE, a Berlin and Singapore-based start-up is providing a location-aware mobile couponing ecosystem and was demonstrating its know-how in partnership with Fox Mobile Distribution, a large scale mobile content aggregator (better known as Jamba in Europe and Jamster in the US).

The J2ME mobile couponing library from YOOSE was the third runner-up in the LBS Challenge. YOOSE coupons were also integrated into Fastfoot-Challenge a location-based game which was the second runner-up in the competition.

Watch our interview and demonstration with Jakob Sanwald, senior product manager at Fox Mobile Distribution:

Tuesday, June 23rd 2009

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