World Premiere: Indoor Geolocation Testbed

World Premiere: Indoor Geolocation Testbed
Indoor location technologies are currently offered on the world stage by more than a hundred companies: from Google (and soon Apple) to large enterprise Wi-Fi vendor (Aruba, Cisco) and to small startup.

However, comparing these technologies is quite complex and the only technology comparisons are performed by venue owners between few vendors and a limited set of KPIs and not made public.

This is why GPS Business News joined force with Grizzly Analytics to perform a large scale, real-life test.

On May 25th-26th, 2016 at the hotel Marivaux in Brussels the first Indoor Geolocation Testbed will take place during Geo IoT World, a conference dedicated to Location & IoT and co-produced by GPS Business News.

Bruce Krulwich from Grizzly Analytics, a a well-know market expert in indoor location matters, will be managing the Testbed.

Hotel Marivaux - Brussels
Hotel Marivaux - Brussels
The event is aiming at two world premieres:
– The attendees will be given the opportunity to try first hand more than a dozen indoor location technologies on the same floor through demonstrations throughout the two days of the conference.
– The testbed will serve as the foundation of a unique market report that will analyzes indoor location technologies as they perform - and possibly scale - in real life.

The specifications of the Testbed will be released in January 2016.

All indoor location stakeholders (positioning technologies, indoor map vendors, beacon vendors, etc…) are invited to join the event. Geo IoT World will also feature an exhibition area and conferences about both indoor and outdoor technologies and their applications in the Internet of Things.

Learn more and contact us below to join the Testbed:

Monday, December 21st 2015

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