WiseSec: Indoor Location & Triggering Demonstration at MWC

WiseSec: Indoor Location & Triggering Demonstration at MWC
Founded in 2011, WiseSec is an Israeli start-up that specializes in indoor location and location triggering for the retail and security markets. WiseSec uses modified Bluetooth beacons deployed at the target location. Most recently WiseSec signed up a Moscow shopping mall as their first retail customer.

Called WiseBy, the WiseSec solution provides retailers with a comprehensive solution including personalized check-in, precise shelf-level coupons, indoor navigation, self-help, NFC-like experience without NFC, personalized check-out, and an in-store traffic pattern analysis.

GPS Business News met with WiseSec's vice president of business development Asaf Toledano at the Mobile World Congress. He demonstrated his solution on their booth.

Watch the video below:

Monday, March 11th 2013

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