When Umbrellas Get Smart: Geo-Located Weather & Forget-Me-Not Alerts

When Umbrellas Get Smart: Geo-Located Weather & Forget-Me-Not Alerts
The usual experience with umbrellas is that you never have it when it’s raining, and if you take it with you around, there is a significant chance you forget it somewhere: train, restaurant, meeting…

This is where comes “oombrela“. Wezzoo, a French company operating a social, real-time weather service, has launched on Kickstarter this smart umbrella that answer these two pain points.

If rain is coming within 15 minutes at your location it sends you an alert through its mobile app; and if you forget it somewhere the mobile app will know where it was and show you on the map where to find it back.

More than that, oombrella offers a complete weather station: light, humidity, temperature and pressure sensors are embedded on the “capsule“, a small electronic device that is located at the end of the curved handle. Each oombrella user is therefore becoming a member of the wezzoo community, uploading to the cloud very detailed weather data.

The capsule also integrate a buzzer and a small light which can alert you under the rain if you get an incoming call or an important alert.

Last but not least the umbrella - which was on demonstration at Mobile World Congress - is quite nice looking with its shiny color (also available in black or white) and very resistant with kevlar-made ribs.

oombrella costs €59 for earlybirds on Kickstarter. Furthermore, for those who have not yet lost their umbrella, the startup company also sells the “capsule“ separately (€29).

After just one week on Kickstarter the startup has almost reached half of its €59,000 goal, a good sign that umbrellas need to get smarter.

Monday, March 21st 2016

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