Wayfinder to be preinstalled on Nokia N95 by Mobilkom Austria

Nokia N95
Nokia N95
Wireless operator Mobilkom Austria and Wayfinder today announced the availability next month of the navigation solution A1 NAVI, on the Nokia N95 phone with built-in GPS. A1 NAVI is based on Wayfinder 7, the off-board navigation solution of the Swedish company. Mobilkom Austria serves 3.6 million customers.

This announcement demonstrates the battle between phone manufacturers and operators on navigation. Indeed, the Nokia N95 already includes Nokia Maps, the local search and navigation solution developed internally by Nokia since the acquisition of Gate5 in August 2006 (see our recent interview with Nokia here).

The offering is announced as “bundled into a fixed price per month including unlimited usage of the attractively priced service”, but no pricing has been announced yet. Nevertheless the A1 Navi current price is €60 per year in Austria (or €1,5 per day) and €180 per year outside Austria (or €4.5 per day); these prices include data communications in and out of Austria.

Thursday, May 3rd 2007

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