Wayfinder launches location sharing application on Facebook

Wayfinder launches location sharing application on Facebook
Navigation software editor Wayfinder has announced that users of Wayfinder Navigator and Wayfinder Earth can now collect, publish and share their locations and routes to their selected friends directly from mobile phone and let other people to see locations and routes on their PC by using Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth or Facebook.

The Facebook location application widget, LocateMate, diplays to your friends where you are and it can be updated both on the site and through your mobile phone by the free Wayfinder Earth and Wayfinder Navigator. Friends can then find each other on a shared map, as well as read some comments about what they are up to.

Wayfinder Earth is a freeware that provides users an access to global maps on their mobile phone. Wayfinder Earth is compatible with over 70 of the most popular mobile phones from all major handset manufacturers.

Sunday, February 10th 2008

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