Wavemarket to choose Navteq as preferred map data provider

Sprint Family Locator
Sprint Family Locator
NAVTEQ announced that it has been designated by WaveMarket Inc. as the preferred supplier of digital map data, including Sprint Family Locator, Navigation, Mobile Local Search, StreetHive Friend Finder, Sprint Precision Locator and Bell Mobility GoTrax.

WaveMarket offers a variety of location-enabled solutions designed to deliver location-aware services to mobile handset consumers and businesses.

Family Locator (Family Finder), the first application that will employ NAVTEQ(R) data, allows parents to check the location of family members from the web or their mobile handsets, and enables parents to set up "safety checks" so they can automatically be notified about a child location.

WaveMarket's customers include top tier carriers Sprint Nextel, Cingular, Bell Mobility of Canada, and SK Telecom, Korea's leading wireless carrier and Vivo, Brazil's largest operator.

Wednesday, March 28th 2007

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