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An On Board Diagnostics (OBD) Tutorial – Busting the Myths - 12/16/2014

In this opinion piece Bob Gruszczynski, a recognized automotive expert, is busting some of the myths around OBD: what does encompass the standard, what it is and what it is not.

SFpark Project Proves Smart Parking System Efficiency - 11/27/2014

Technology development on one hand and increasing traffic problems on the other, lead to a situation where authorities are more willing to invest in Smart Parking Systems (SPS). Example of San Francisco proves that SPS are effective for fighting both - traffic jams and virtual parking deficiency problem.

Indoor Location's Upcoming SLAM Dunk - 11/11/2014

The beauty of GPS is that it works everywhere. With a GPS-enabled phone, applications ranging from navigation to picture geotagging, from nearby restaurant search to social network check-ins, can all work everywhere. That is, everywhere outside....

Glopos: From Universal Location Positioning to High Accuracy Positioning - 09/22/2014

A common question people ask about indoor location positioning goes something like this: "Why do you need Wi-Fi, or BLE, or other technologies? Why can't it be done based on cellular signals?" The common wisdom, of course, is that cellular signals...

Sorry Apple, Nice Watch But No Use Case - 09/10/2014

After visiting the IFA trade show in Berlin last week, I had the feeling that the whole smart watch industry (LG, Asus, Samsung, Sony and others) was demonstrating the typical problem of a great technology in search of a real use case. Frankly these...

Today's Mapping Industry Really Does Need To Please All People, All Of The Time - 09/08/2014

It's a wonderful time to be working in the maps and location industry. Back in 2012, Pew Research found out that almost 75% of smartphone owners are using some form of location based information. That amount of location usage needs a heck of a load...

The Airport and Mall Indoor Location Dilemma - 09/12/2014

Executive Summary With the advent of iOS 8 next month, and the increased presence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacons that can be used to improve the fidelity of indoor location, Apple are inviting venues such as malls and airports to sign over the...

After Halbherr Departure What is the Future of HERE? - 08/21/2014

The departure of HERE CEO Michael Halbherr seems to happen as a logic step for a Nokia division that is coming back to its good old NAVTEQ roots: licensing content and services to the automotive industry.

Ultra-Wideband Poised to Enter Smartphones: a Location Opportunity? - 07/22/2014

Recent years have seen a constant increase in the speed at which software innovations reach market. One day’s new concept can be the next day’s innovative mobile application, the following day’s ten competing mobile applications, and the day after...

Why Apple and Google Are NOT Competing in the Car Industry - 03/06/2014

This week at the Geneva Motor Show Apple unveiled CarPlay, its technology to emulate iPhone apps on a car screen. This announcement has been seen by many as an answer to Google that announced at the CES show in January its Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), “committed to bringing the Android platform to cars starting in 2014.“

But understanding these announcements as a frontal competition between Apple and Google in the automotive industry is a misunderstanding of the long term goals of the two American companies. Here is why.

Ptolemus: “Octo’s €405m Acquisition Validates the Insurance Telematics Proposition“ - 02/06/2014

Octo Telematics has been acquired by Renova for €408 ($555) million but is this a true reflection of the Usage Based Insurance market or does the transaction illustrates a shift in how UBI is being deployed? Octo Telematics's hold on the UBI market...

Nokia HERE vs Crowdsourcing: Do They Really Need That? - 10/09/2013

Last week Nokia HERE - i.e. NAVTEQ - announced “the launch of a community mapping pilot programm in India, the first major country where HERE will combine its industrial data collection methods with a crowd mapping initiative.“ The company said they...
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