Video: VZ Navigator to Get 3D Cities

At the CES trade show last week we were shown by Verizon Wireless a quick preview of their upcoming new version of navigation software VZ Navigator for Android.

The software developed by TCS offers 3D building views and lane assistance based on NAVTEQ data. the turn-by-turn navigation solution will be offered at a $9.99 monthly subscription. This is obviously quite expensive compared to the free navigation software offered by Google on Android. However, Verizon Wireless is pushing its Location, Map and Navigation APIs to developers so as to drive more subscription for the application and an overall better experience for users.

For example, if you use the location sharing app Glympse on a Verizon Android you are offered a "navigate to" option that brings you to the VZ Navigator App. In addition, Verizon will offer a few navigation sessions for free so users can really try the whole experience.

Monday, January 10th 2011

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