ViaMichelin brings wireless connectivity to high end PND

ViaMichelin X980T
ViaMichelin X980T
ViaMichelin announced this week in Europe an updated version of its range of navigation devices, including the ViaMichelin X960, X970 and X980T. The X980T sold for €449 offers a Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile phone to enable real-time location-based services.

These services includes a free five days weather forecast, a car park locator with real-time availability (only for the Paris region, France) and the access to all addresses selected on the ViaMichelin online portal. The monthly upgrade of safety camera database provided by viaMichelin can also be sent to the PND wirelessly. This service is completely free to the user, except for the data connection supported by the data plan of the mobile phone.

Technologically closed to what TomTom offers through TomTom Plus, ViaMichelin differs nevertheless radically by the kind of services offered. First they are free; second, they are really interesting. Indeed downloading a route selected online is a feature massively requested by users. According to a MapQuest study released in May, 44% of the respondents (732 MapQuest users – online survey) were interested in sending map and route from their web mapping portal to a Personal Navigation Device.

Thursday, September 13th 2007

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