Verizon & TCS Launch LBS Developer Kit

Verizon & TCS Launch LBS Developer Kit
Yesterday, at the Verizon developer conference in Las Vegas, the U.S. wireless operator unveiled NavBuilder Inside (NBI), a software development kit that allows for cross-platform development of location aware application for Android, BlackBerry, Brew and Windows Mobile operating systems.

NBI is made of two parts: MapKit and LocationKit.

MapKit allows the following features:
- Display of road, satellite, and hybrid map views
- Map Controls and Manipulation such as panning, zooming, pinch and spread (if supported on the platform.)
- Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding
- Local Search for points of interest, including advanced search for Movies times, Events, Gas Prices and Weather
- Pin Manager
- Traffic Overlay
- In application Static Directions
- Tracking
- Initiate navigation by invoking the mobile navigation app VZ Navigator
- Support to obtain maps as a single image

The second component, LocationKit enables fast location positioning for applications using standalone GPS, Cell ID or Wi-Fi. LocationKit also offers Cell ID location positioning on non-Wi-Fi capable devices, such as Brew-enabled feature phones.

At this stage NBI supports 7 handsets: Blackberry Storm 2, HTC DROID Eris and Incredible, Motorola DROID, Samsung Intensity II and Samsung Gusto.

NBI has been developed by Telecommunications Systems (TCS) based on Navbuilder, a product issued from the acquisition of Networks in Motion last year. This SDK reinforces the relationship between the carrier and TCS that was already providing key location technologies to Verizon.

Wednesday, September 22nd 2010

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