VectorNav Intros GPS Module with GNSS-Derived Heading Data

VectorNav Intros GPS Module with GNSS-Derived Heading Data
VectorNav Technologies introduced today a new GNSS navigation module, the VN-360 GPS-Compass heading and position sensor.

The VN-360 is an OEM GPS-Compass module that provides an accurate, True North heading solution without using a magnetometer.

Incorporating two onboard GNSS receivers, the VN-360 calculates the relative position between its two GNSS antennas to derive a heading solution said to be “an order of magnitude more accurate than a magnetic compass.“

The module supports a variety of GNSS antennas that can be mounted on the host platform with a separation distance anywhere from a­­­ few centimeters out to several meters. This distance can be configured to provide optimal start-up time, outputting an accurate heading solution “typically under two minutes.“

"The VN-360 is like no other product on the market in that it provides a cost-effective solution for the difficult challenge of obtaining an accurate and reliable heading solution," stated VectorNav President, John Brashear.

Monday, March 7th 2016

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