Urban Mapping enhances multi-modal routing engine

Urban Mapping enhances multi-modal routing engine
Geospatial content provider Urban Mapping yesterday announced new features for Routeserver, the company’s multi-modal routing engine that supports walk, drive, bus, train, subway and other modes of transportation.

“The new enhancements to Routeserver enable a range of advanced capabilities such as dynamic re-routing incorporating real-time mass transit events, narrative customization to support multi-lingual or editorial conventions and “cognitive transfers,” a new option in route customization that recognizes varying perceptions of wait times”, said Urban Mapping in a press release.

The North American company combines this routing engine with its mass transit database that offers detailed data for 65 cities in the US, Canada (6 cities) and Europe (London, Glasgow, Paris). These data are generated in a proprietary format that is a superset of the Google Transit Feed Specification.

"Routing is fundamental in determining data quality. We use Routeserver for internal testing to certify our quality and coverage. In this way we know our mass transit database is not only accurate and focused around the end-user, but most importantly, we know it works as offered,” said Ian White, CEO of Urban Mapping. “Routing engines that support the road network cannot simply be modified to support a mass transit routing application. There are fundamental differences in the network, for example rail versus road and constraints such as traffic versus schedules.”

Routeserver can be ported to specific hardware and platforms to support “on board” navigation. Additionally, the routing engine can be deployed for large-scale interactive publishers or as a hosted solution for rapid implementation.

With this offering Urban Mapping targets both developers who want to add multi-modal transportation to their applications and transit agencies who might be interested in outsourcing their trip planner or real-time alert systems.

Wednesday, July 15th 2009

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