Urban Airship Adds Location & Context Segmentation to Push Messaging

Urban Airship Adds Location & Context Segmentation to Push Messaging
Push messaging services provider Urban Airship has unveiled today at the WHERE conference in San Francisco a geo-location service born of its acquisition of SimpleGeo (read more here).

This “Location Segmentation Push Messaging Service“ will offer developers using Urban Airship premium push messaging service the ability to geo-target and geo-segment opt-in users based on their location and the context of this location.

For example, a national retailer could off-load excess inventory held by various stores by targeting offers to people in those cities or multiple ZIP codes that have a preference for that product category.

Business users of Urban Airship services can construct highly targeted segments using simple Boolean queries (And, Or, Not), joining location information with tags encompassing in-app behaviors, preferences and device profiles. “targeting iPad users that were in a certain location during a certain time with preferences for particular content or product categories becomes simple,“ explained Urban Airship.

Location + Context
The solution is also leveraging a stack of more than 50 location-based data sources such as weather, social, demographical data from census, etc. All these data sources were previously offered by SimpleGeo in a product called Context.

“Location itself is interesting, but it really becomes relevant when you add context to it,“ said Scott Kveton, CEO at Urban Airship in an interview with GPS Business news.

With this product Urban Airship is moving forward its ambition to offer more relevance in its push messages based on time, location and associated data. The company currently manages the distribution of around 5 Billion push messages per month inside the apps of its customers.

This trend towards customer knowledge based on their location is not new, but it is pushed to a new level thanks to companies such as Urban Airship, PlaceIQ or, most recently, Placed and Alohar Mobile, two new entrants on the block that want also to offer location analytics to developers.


Tuesday, April 3rd 2012

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