US consumers: PND or cell phone navigation?

US consumers: PND or cell phone navigation?
Amy Gilroy in an article in TWICE (The Week In Consumer Electronics), reveals some interesting figures from In-Stat who recently ran a consumer survey to understand the appetite of US consumers for navigation products.

According to this study (1,000 consumers) 50% would prefer to purchase a PND rather than subscribe to a cell phone navigation service; only 17 percent said they wanted to use handset navigation and 33 percent said they would use both.

Read more here at TWICE

With one third of American consumers willing to use two GPS devices this study confirms that the PND market will not be cannibalized by the handset navigation market and vice versa. Buyers of Blackberry and Ipod don't trash their laptop or their home stereo, they use both when it is convenient to them.

Thursday, July 19th 2007

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