UC Berkeley recruiting Assistant/Associate Development Engineer

UC Berkeley recruiting Assistant/Associate Development Engineer
Assistant/Associate Development Engineer

The University of California, Berkeley, is the preeminent public university in the country. We’re also one of the leading employers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are currently seeking an Assistant/Associate Development Engineer at the California Center for Innovation Transportation.

The California Center for Innovative Transportation (CCIT) accelerates the implementation of research results and the deployment of technical solutions by transportation practitioners. CCIT is a part of UC Berkeley's Institute of Transportation Studies and works with researchers, public agencies, and innovative companies to bring new concepts to the field, improving the safety, efficiency, security, and environmental footprint of the transportation system.

Most of our projects are in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), which encompass the application of information and communication technologies to infrastructure operations, planning, maintenance and security, as well as public transit, goods movement, in-vehicle interfaces, and traveler information. CCIT is a unique organization where research meets implementation. This position is a great opportunity to positively impact the lives of millions of Californians while operating at the cutting edge of transportation technology.

There is an immediate need to fill a software engineering position on a project intended to demonstrate the potential of GPS-equipped cellular phones to collect traffic data in the very near future. Leveraging commercial cellular networks could drastically cut the ongoing costs of traffic monitoring and expand coverage to thousands of miles of highways and urban arterials. The challenge is to enable a system that features 1) online, real-time data processing; 2) individual privacy-preservation; 3) data efficiency, i.e. not requiring excessive cellular network load.

This project requires a robust data hosting infrastructure based on a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) layer. That infrastructure should be secure, flexible and scalable. Analysis and visualization tools will be developed, as well as the ability to rapidly prototype and calibrate various algorithms aimed at turning real-time data into meaningful traffic information.

• Under the supervision of a project manager, apply engineering skills to design, develop, test, and roll-out software applications and features
• As appropriate, coordinate work with peers at CCIT, university researchers, vendors, subcontractors, and project sponsors
• Communicate ideas and results verbally and in writing

• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, such as Civil/Transportation Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or a related field
• Minimum of one year of relevant experience or an advanced degree (Assistant Development Engineer level); minimum of three years of relevant experience, some of which may be substituted for an advanced degree (Associate Development Engineer level)
• Advanced computer programming skills, including practical experience with database programming
• Outstanding analytical and synthesis skills, problem solving skills, and intellectual curiosity
• Ability to multi-task with limited supervision, understand high-level concepts, and overall program goals
• Strong communication skills, both verbally and in writing

• Advanced technical degree and previous exposure to scientific research
• Inclination towards entrepreneurial/managerial roles

The University of California, Berkeley, is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We offer a diverse working environment, competitive salaries, and comprehensive benefits. Apply online at: http://jobs.berkeley.edu indicating the job code 8198.

Friday, April 4th 2008

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