U.S. Location-Based Ad Market: $1.8B in 2015

U.S. Location-Based Ad Market: $1.8B in 2015
ABI Research published last week a new report which forecasts that the location-aware advertising market will reach $1.8 billion in 2015 in the United States. In comparison, the total mobile advertising market will be $5 billion, showing that a sizeable part of the mobile advertising market will use a geo-location component.

ABI Research recognizes that today “It’s still early days and there’s no single ‘right’ approach to location-based advertising,” says practice director Neil Strother. “This remains a very fragmented market that is full of experimentation.”

However, in 2015 ABI Research expects mobile location-targeted ads to be part of pretty much all campaigns. At that stage Neil Strother believes that location-based ads will get commoditized and will not necessary command a high premium.

Monday, September 6th 2010

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