Two new Garmin Nuvi announced in Europe

Two new Garmin Nuvi announced in Europe
Garmin announced today the Nuvi 200W and Nuvi 250W in Europe, two (new) devices with wide screen (WQVGA, 4.3 inches) priced respectively at €299 and €349, to be available in July.

This is again an exercise in range extension which does not make very much sense. Indeed, with already 14 Nuvi and 8 StreetPilot on sale, one might have thought it was time to get a bit of visibility in that jungle. We believe consumers and retailers like simplicity: just because it is easier to buy and because it is easier to sell.

The good thing is when you visit the Garmin store in Chicago with dozens of products in display you get almost the feeling to be at a normal consumer electronics retailer.

Friday, June 1st 2007

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