Trusted Positioning Launches MEMS-based Indoor Location Software

Trusted Positioning Launches MEMS-based Indoor Location Software
Canada-based Trusted Positioning has released this week their Trusted Portable Navigator (T-PN) , a software for indoor location based on MEMS sensors. It integrates on any platform including Android, Windows, QNX, BB10, Linux or iOS and take advantage of existing motion sensors found in common smartphones.

The technology developed by Trusted Positioning mitigates the high noise found in low cost MEMS. It also integrates the fact that the phone can be held in different ways (hand, pocket, belt, texting, etc...) while the user is moving.

According to Trusted Positioning their sensor drift is approx. 4-8% of distance travelled when operating without any wireless updates.

See below a video of the technology at work and watch our interview with Trusted Positioning CEO Chris Godall during the Mobile World Congress (March 2013).

Tuesday, June 4th 2013

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