Top 10 local mobile searches in the UK

Top 10 local mobile searches in the UK
m-spatial, a Cambridge, UK, based white label provider of local mobile search released today its quarterly Mobile Local Search Index that tracks this consumer usage in the UK. While other searches down the list are changing from one quarter to another, the top five searches remain stable: cinema, fast food, drinking, taxi and supermarket are the key questions consumers are looking for when browsing on their mobile phones on the go.

Cinema – 18%
Fast Food – 17%
Drinking – 16%
Taxi – 11%
Supermarkets – 8%
B&B – 7%
Clubbing – 7%
Electrical and Electronics – 6%
Home – 5%
Clothing and Fashion – 5%

Percentages figures are based on breakdown of searches to top ten categories.

Tuesday, May 29th 2007

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