TomTom soon in China?

TomTom soon in China?
According to Digitimes, a Taiwanese online media, TomTom would start marketing its PND before the end of the year in China (see their article here ).

Contacted by GPS Business News, Caroline Hsu, spokesperson for TomTom Asia in Taipei said: “we are exploring the possibility of entering the China market before the end of this year. However, at this time we do not yet have a confirmed timeline or schedule”.

In December 2005, TomTom acquired - for € 2.7 million - DriveTech a company based in Taipei that develops navigation software for the Chinese language market. This acquisition allowed TomTom to start selling its navigation products on the Taiwanese market at the end of 2006. Australia is the only other market where TomTom operates in the Asia Pacific region. The Australian market (where TomTom is number one) accounted for 2% of its revenue in 2006, according to its annual report.

Sunday, July 15th 2007

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