TomTom Sues NDrive over Map Data Sub-Licensing

TomTom Sues NDrive over Map Data Sub-Licensing
During a public hearing in a Dutch court, TomTom last week initiated a lawsuit against one of its customer, Portuguese mobile navigation provider NDrive, over the sub licensing of its map data to the Dutch company AppStore BV that provides the Navv software on the iTunes store.

According to TomTom, the map licensing contract signed with NDrive does not entitle the Portuguese company to sub license the map data to a third party.

Navv was until recently offering under its own brand the white label navigation software of NDrive with TomTom map data (Tele Atlas) on the Apple App store at €4.99. Now the company is using NAVTEQ maps and the software sells at €19.99 per country.

This week GPS Business News met with Maarten van Gool, managing director of the TomTom licensing business (Tele Atlas), he was however not willing to comment on the case.

NDrive provided GPS Business News with a public statement reading that “there are no basis for Tele Atlas allegations. Based on the contract with Tele Atlas, NDrive is entitled to independently determine its' pricing strategy. NDrive believes in market price elasticity and is committed to democratize GPS navigation solutions.”

Disclaimer: the author of this article provides consulting services to NDrive.

Thursday, December 9th 2010

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