TomTom Introduces LBS platform for B2B & B2C Developers

Example of app developed with the iPhone SDK
Example of app developed with the iPhone SDK
TomTom today is announcing the release of a location-based platform and developer portal targeting web and mobile developers for government, GIS, tracking and consumer facing apps.

This platform is a new development which follow up on the launch of a global batch geocoder last April (read here).

“We needed to modernize our delivery platform to better serve our customers,“ explained Dan Adams, vice president location and live services at TomTom in a phone briefing with GPS Business News.

The cloud-hosted platform is quite comprehensive, including map tile serving, routing functionalities, traffic information overlay as well as the usual geocoding and reverse geocoding.

Map tiles are pre-rendered at 18 zoom levels, ranging from a single global tile to 305x305 meter detailed map images. One limit to the tile service is that in this first version the look and feel of the tiles can not be customized.

In addition to these APIs tomTom has developed Software Development Kits ofr iOS, Android and Javascript to make it even simpler for developers.

The pricing is based on the volume of transactions and there is a free trial period. It is “very similarly priced to other competing platform,“ (i.e. Google, Bing, etc.) said Dan Adams.

Moving forward TomTom has a roadmap of new features in development and is also looking at the integration of third party data, such as, for example, demographics data.

Thursday, November 15th 2012

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