Thinknear Helps Marketers Separate the Wheat from the Chaff in Mobile Ad Location Data

Despite the fast growth of the location-based mobile display advertising market - or perhaps because of it - this industry as been plagued by the bad quality of location data, i.e. the difference between a mobile user's stated location (per an ad request) and the true physical location of the user. This bad quality is particularly a problem on real-time bidding platforms.

Thinknear, a demand side mobile advertising platform subsidiary of GPS navigation software vendor TeleNav, estimates that around two third of impressions with latitude and longitude data are more than 100 meters away and most of those are kilometers, if not hundred of kilometers away.

To quantify this burning issue Thinknear created the Location Score (read our previous coverage here) based on data collected from 3.5 billion ad auctions on ad exchanges and more than 53 million mobile impressions.

But this week Thinknear announced it is going a step further to help marketers fully understand the quality of their location data in their purchased inventory.

This new service is called Location Score Tags. It provides marketers with an overall Location Score for their campaign, a breakdown of their ad impressions by proximity to the user’s true real-time location, and visualizations of their campaign's location data.

Marketers using Location Score Tags will place a small piece of tracking code (similar to a pixel tag) on the campaign creative and the campaign landing page. The location targeting data will be scored by Thinknear and the marketer will receive a report detailing the quality and accuracy of the targeting data.

In our previous coverage of Location Score we pointed out the fact this initiative quantified the problem but was not solving it. Now the tool is available. Just use it!

Thursday, July 17th 2014

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