Telmap5: next gen off-board navigation?

Telmap5: next gen off-board navigation?
This week at the mobile world congress, Israeli navigation provider Telmap introduced a new version of its navigation software, Telmap5. Two new key features have been introduced in Telmap5, widgets - and a comprehensive search tool.

Telmap Active Widgets is an interactive and personalized location widgets library for mapping, in-car navigation and pedestrian guidance. Location widgets are context specific add-ons that allow consumers to customize and choose the way they interact with their surroundings, favourite content, and even their friends. Widgets can present endless types of information, such as route progress and destination information, but it can also be based on specific content such as the nearest ATM, local weather, or even a branded search widget for the nearest McDonalds for example. These widgets appear via a carousel on the top of the screen that is very easy to use. Well designed this carousel does not hide the map even in turn by turn navigation mode.

From an operator’s perspective, Telmap Active Widgets provides an opportunity to differentiate their service and allow brands to reach users based on their immediate location.

New in Telmap5, Telmap Active Search allows users to locate destinations with results based on just a part of an address, a business name, a point of interest, a contact from their phone’s address book, a recommended restaurant from the local city guide, or the current location of a friend. With Active Search presents suggestions from multiple data sources and categorized to provide further relevance for the user. Active Search is server based and can be expanded and modified through server side scripts, allowing the addition of endless sources of content without the need to update the client application.

As a whole this application offers a lot of convenience and develops some new concepts that might be interesting, even for PND manufacturers.

Watch below a video of Telmap5:

Friday, February 20th 2009

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