Telmap to offer nav for Linux, MID platform

Telmap to offer nav for Linux, MID platform
Mobile navigation provider Telmap yesterday announced that it is delivering a navigation and location based service for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) based on the Intel Atom processor and Linux-based Moblin platform.

“Telmap is embracing the MID category to bring rich navigation and location based services to mobile users. This announcement further highlights Telmap’s multi-platform approach to devices and the addition of Linux to its extensive list of supported OS platforms,”said Telmap in a statement.

MID: Intel’s fantasy

Until now MIDs are much more a marketing concept developed by Intel to sell its Atom processor than a consumer reality. It seems unlikely that mainstream consumers will embrace a form factor that sits awkwardly between a Netbook and a Smartphone – too big to fit in a pocket, too small to replace a PC. However, supporting Linux is important for Telmap which will be able to easily port its software to Android. One could not blame Telmap for taking advantage of Intel’s marketing dollars.

Friday, February 13th 2009

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