Telmap Opens Up Stats About Nav Software Usage

Telmap Opens Up Stats About Nav Software Usage
Local search and navigation provider Telmap today released the inaugural edition of a Metrics Report, a quarterly survey of its user’s habits looking at local search, mapping and GPS navigation usage and activity conducted through Telmap based solutions.

“Telmap sees openness as an important pillar of its market leadership strategy. We have decided to introduce the report in order to provide and share some insights with the industry’s movers, shakers and influencers, so we can all work together on making location-based services a growing and prosperous industry”, said Motti Kushnir, Telmap CMO.

This very detailed report worth a read as it gives many detailed information - altough keeping secret the number of Telmap users.

We learned that Telmap users are quite heavy on local search versus address input - compared to the rest of the nav industry - especially since the implementation of Telmap5 that offers a straightforward single-line search box. The two most popular free text searches are gas and IKEA and the most searched POI category are hospital and gas.

Interestingly the use of navigation is evenly spread throughout the week with 13 to 15 percent use Monday through Friday, 16% on Saturday and 12% on Sunday.

iPhone owners represent quite a big chunk of Telmap's user base today. the iPhone share is 25% of the top ten devices used for navigation and 32% of the top ten devices with the highest number of new users.

One of the interesting points of the report also includes the fact Telmap’s users droves two times more kilometres than Ovi Maps’ users during the third quarter of 2010. Nokia reported 2.5 million kilometres driven by its users (read here) while Telmap is reporting 5.5 million kilometres during the same length of time.

Download the full report here.

Wednesday, January 26th 2011

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