TeleNav: “We have the Unique Opportunity to Drive Customers to the Advertiser’s Locations”

Dariusz Paczuski
Dariusz Paczuski
At the Location Business Summit held in San Jose and organized by The Where Business, GPS Business News had the opportunity to meet with Dariusz Paczuski, the new vice president of marketing at mobile navigation supplier TeleNav. Our conversation was focused on the launch of their location-based advertising platform (read here).

Dariusz Paczuski joined TeleNav one month ago from Microsoft where he led the Bing and Tellme carrier strategy to transform directory assistance into mobile search. Previously, he managed the consumer services business at Tellme where he introduced products for BlackBerry, Windows phones, and Ford SYNC. Before that, Paczuski served as vice president of search products at AOL, where he managed marketing, product and design. During his career, he has also held leadership roles at Netscape, MSNBC, NBC and General Electric (GE).

GPS Business News:
You have announced today your location-based advertising platform that serve ads to US drivers using TeleNav GPS navigation, although it is not very clear what are the carriers working with you in that initiative?
Dariusz Paczuski: All our carriers are part of the announcement. However, at this stage we consider it as a beta version, we are in the pilot phase. The project has been started about one year ago and we have been executing for the last six months.

TeleNav: “We have the Unique Opportunity to Drive Customers to the Advertiser’s Locations”
TeleNav: “We have the Unique Opportunity to Drive Customers to the Advertiser’s Locations”
GPS BN: How many devices are activated today with this advertising feature?
DP: I cannot disclose numbers, but right now it is more looking like a pilot. What we want to do is drive interest from advertisers. Today we have half a million advertisers through our partnerships with ad networks, we want to grow this network of partners so as to provide the most relevant advertisements to our customers.

GPS BN: How would you define the role of TeleNav in the location-based advertising value chain?
DP: In many ways we are like a small publisher which core value is navigation and search and providing the unique opportunity to literally “drive” customers to the advertiser’s locations.

We are working with advertising networks and agencies to get mobile advertising feeds. Then we are adding some logics to these feeds to provide the most relevant ad depending on the location, time of the day, etc. In addition, we also have a small direct sales channel.

What type of advertisers are you looking for?
DP: Our advertising solutions are optimized for businesses that provide services to people on the go. Research conducted by Microsoft shows that 70% of PC-based consumer search queries are fulfilled within a weeks while 70% of mobile search queries are fulfilled within one hour. So we want to provide ads that are relevant to this type of immediate purchases. In terms of advertisers this means restaurants, gas station, grocery stores, pharmacists, etc.


Wednesday, September 15th 2010

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