TeleNav Scout Goes the Waze Way: Adds Crowdsourced Alerts

TeleNav Scout Goes the Waze Way: Adds Crowdsourced Alerts
U.S. navigation software supplier TeleNav has launched today an update to their free iPhone and Android navigation apps. Among the new features drivers can now alert other fellow users of road incidents such as traffic jams, accidents, police or road hazards.

The feature is enabled through a button ideally located on the lower end of the navigation screen.

This adds to many other features of the app related to real-time traffic data which is coming - according to TeleNav - from 100 million live sources:
- Street-Level Traffic View: Expanded overall traffic coverage by five times to display precise traffic and congestion information for arterial roadways and in neighborhoods.
- Real-Time Traffic Display: Up to three real-time, traffic-optimized routes to drive to your commute destination.
- OnMyWay: The ability to share real-time, estimated time of arrival (ETA) to home, work, or anywhere with anyone during the commute.
- My Commute: Personalized Home/Work buttons with commute times to your work or home address based on live traffic and current weather.
- Calendar Sync: Integrated with your calendar to remind and notify you of where to go and when to leave.

Thursday, July 18th 2013

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