TeleNav Launches Location-Based Ad Platform

TeleNav Launches Location-Based Ad Platform
Mobile navigation provider TeleNav is now venturing into advertising with the launch of a “Navigation-based” advertising platform. A key aspect of this platform is indeed to offer a “Drive-to Rate,” a metric capturing the number of users who viewed an ad and chose to drive to the advertiser’s business location.

TeleNav said its users view more than 40 million mobile search pages each month, while they are logging approximately 700 million minutes of application usage time each month (although not all users currently have a handset capable of receiving TeleNav ads). According to the company’s proprietary research, 84 percent of users are in their car when using TeleNav’s products to search for a place to drive.

The first campaigns launched by TeleNav have resulted in a click thru rate (CTR) of 3.8 percent, in the range of location- based Ads CTR (McDonalds did 7% in Finland with NAVTEQ and Best Western 1.44% also with NAVTEQ). In addition, the data indicates that the conversion rate of users who drive to the business location after clicking on an ad presented in TeleNav’s local search results is nearly 24 percent.

Tuesday, September 14th 2010

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