Tele Atlas to Power Garmin’s GPS “black-box” in SE Asia

Garmin's GVN 52
Garmin's GVN 52
Tele Atlas today announced it has signed an agreement with Garmin to provide the digital maps for the Garmin GVN 52 in Malaysia and Singapore, with further opportunities expected in other emerging markets.

The newly-launched GVN 52 is a "black-box" GPS navigation system that features Garmin's GPS hardware and user interface and is designed to be integrated with mobile audio/video entertainment systems. Users may look up and route directly to a specific address or point of interest such as a restaurant, hotel, store, gas station or bank and receive turn-by-turn, voice prompted directions that include street names. Other features that can be built into Garmin's GVN 52 include touch screen communication, wireless remote, dead reckoning and wireless information such as traffic alerts.

This announcement is the result of an agreement signed between Tele Atlas and MappointAsia In June 2005. MappointAsia is a digital mapping group with business entities in Thailand and Malaysia that prepares navigation maps and location based services for customers in Southeast Asia. According to this agreement Tele Atlas provides its advanced technology and software for data collection and training in its use. Tele Atlas also processes and modifies the data collected by MappointAsia and convert it into its standard product formats for use by its wide international customer network. MappointAsia concentrates on marketing products in those regions where it has a strong presence. Mitsui, a Japanese trading house was also part in this map data agreement. This company has an extensive distribution network in Japan and throughout Asia and will therefore bring Tele Atlas digital map navigation products to a wide range of international customers in the region.

Thursday, May 3rd 2007

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