Tele Atlas ships 40 European cities in photorealistic 3D

Tele Atlas home town, Gent
Tele Atlas home town, Gent
Digital map data provider Tele Atlas has announced today the availability of 3D, photorealistic “Advanced 3D City Models” for 40 cities across Europe.

Designed for use in navigation systems and location-based applications, Advanced City Models are three-dimensional representations of major city centers which include complete city blocks with building textures and landmarks.

“Our partnership with BLOM and our new advanced production capabilities allow us to deliver incredibly detailed, realistic 3D maps to the industry and provide a superior experience for the end user in more cities than ever before,” said Tele Atlas CEO Bill Henry.

More European cities are scheduled to be available in subsequent quarterly releases; next year Tele Atlas expects to deliver hundreds of cities, including cities in North America and Asia Pacific.

Wednesday, May 20th 2009

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