Tele Atlas releases pedestrian map content for 120 cities

Tele Atlas releases pedestrian map content for 120 cities
Digital map maker Tele Atlas, today announced the availability of Tele Atlas Urban Maps, which delivers out-of-car content to better orient pedestrians in city centers. Tele Atlas Urban Maps complements Tele Atlas MultiNet digital map database to deliver the complete street network, including non-drivable, pedestrian-only thoroughfares and a selection of points of interest (POIs) that enhance a user’s ability to find their way. To enable a more realistic display of city environments, Tele Atlas Urban Maps integrates Tele Atlas 2D City Maps, which show building footprints, sidewalks, town blocks, parks and railway infrastructure along with 2D Landmarks, which provide well-known visual waypoints for enhanced recognition and orientation.

Tele Atlas Urban Maps are available for nearly 120 cities globally, including key cities in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America such as Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, Boston, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, Toronto and Washington DC.

Tele Atlas also offers a prototype with new features for Urban Maps including, enhanced pedestrian attribution and neighborhood definitions. These features presently are available as a prototype for Tele Atlas customers for 23 cities in 11 countries in Europe.

To further enhance offerings for pedestrians, Tele Atlas’ customers can incorporate additional Tele Atlas products, including Tele Atlas 3D City Maps, Tele Atlas 3D Landmarks and Tele Atlas CityGuide, as well as aerial imagery.

Thursday, November 6th 2008

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