Tele Atlas launches first map with TomTom’s users corrections

TomTom Map Share
TomTom Map Share
Tele Atlas has announced today a new version of its digital map database which include user-generated updates from TomTom users via its Map Share programme

For MultiNet 2008.10, Tele Atlas used community data to identify and validate more than 50,000 changes related to street names and traffic direction corrections in Europe and North America.

“Notably, in this version of the database, the total number of changes detected by community input for street name and traffic direction attributes in Europe and North America already matches the number of changes made using all other sources for those specific attributes in these regions”, said Tele Atlas.

“We look forward to incorporating an even greater scope and volume of community data from additional sources, such as end users of wireless, Internet and personal navigation systems or enterprise applications using our data, to further increase the quality, richness and timeliness of Tele Atlas maps”, commented Bill Henry CEO of Tele Atlas.

Monday, October 27th 2008

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