Tele Atlas expands coverage in Southern Europe, Bulgaria, Turkey

Tele Atlas expands coverage in Southern Europe, Bulgaria, Turkey
It might seem surprising but still not long ago digital map coverage in southern Europe was spotty. Less than 18 months ago, even if PND vendors were already selling million units a year in Europe, locals and tourists using a PND in Portugal, Southern Italy or Greece were left with significant “grey areas” out of the main roads.

“We live in a global world, where travelers are no longer bound by the dividing lines of countries drawn on a paper map. Consumers expect a seamless driving experience no matter their destination – whether staying within their home countries or exploring new places,” said Yves Muyssen, Tele Atlas Global Product Manager.

Therefore, digital map providers have been keeping themselves busy to improve their maps. This week Tele Atlas announced it has completed “near 100% coverage” of Greece, Malta, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The Dutch company also broadened its coverage of new regions to the east including Bulgaria and Turkey.

Until one year ago Tele Atlas coverage in Turkey was only 37.5% of the population and 23.2% fully attributed (Tele Atlas Multinet map data 2007.04 release). With the recent improvements TomTom finally entered the Turkish market as they announced last week.

Thursday, July 31st 2008

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