Tele Atlas and Indian national mapping agency signed agreement

Tele Atlas and Indian national mapping agency signed agreement
Tele Atlas said today that the Government of India had formally approved the strategic agreement between the National surveying and mapping organization Survey of India (SOI) and Tele Atlas Kalyani India Ltd., its joint venture with the Kalyani Group formed earlier this year (read more here).

With this agreement Tele Atlas Kalyani India becomes the first Value Added Reseller (VAR) of India’s digital maps. The agreement allows Tele Atlas Kalyani India to release the first Survey of India-approved digital maps and custom map content within the public domain for commercial use in a range of navigation and location-based solutions in the mobile, internet, automotive, personal navigation system and enterprise markets.

Under the new National Map Policy, promulgated in 2005, the Survey of India has a nodal role in liberalising the dissemination of map data to the public domain. One of the key elements of this policy is the Public Private Partnership program to enable the objectives of the Map Policy to “provide, maintain and allow access to the National Topographic Database (NTDB) of the SOI”.

“This agreement marks a major milestone in implementing the National Map Policy and I am excited about the prospects of the growth of the Geospatial industry in India that this will enable,” noted the Surveyor General. “The significant efforts of Tele Atlas Kalyani India in pursuing the policy and its work with SOI have resulted in the first approved digital maps of India, and we look forward to the new business these efforts will yield across the related industries.”

Tuesday, November 11th 2008

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