TechnoCom to offer ad-funded, white label mobile satnav in the US

TechnoCom to offer ad-funded, white label mobile satnav in the US
TechnoCom Corporation, which specializes in optimizing performance of location infrastructure, is launching this week in the United States SpotOn GPS, a white label mobile turn by turn navigation and local search application that integrates mobile marketing and advertising features.

“SpotOn GPS is designed for fast deployment and easy operations, with service launch within sixty days of contract signing,” stated TechnoCom.

The solution is based on a platform developed by Israeli company Locationet which has been previously white-labeled by several international carriers and service providers including Bouygues France, Orange Israel, Vodafone Romania and Telegate Germany.

TechnoCom foresees several use case for this application. Affinity groups such as airline mileage rewards programs, shopping clubs or travel clubs, could use it to offer search listings of their inventory, suppliers, and partners. Large retailer may brand the application to always show its locations on maps, provide special offers that are regionally or outlet-specific, highlight certain vendors, and display loyalty messages. Other customers, such as wireless operators, may opt for third-party advertisements that SpotOn GPS offers as a bundle.

SpotOn GPS is available for Java, Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms. Android is currently in development.

Thursday, June 4th 2009

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