Taxi Sharing App Unveiled by Orange

Taxi Sharing App Unveiled by Orange
At the Paris Motor Show, wireless operator Orange was showing off several mobile applications linked to cars and transportation and one of them particularly caught our eyes: "Taxi-Partage", as called in French, is a free cab sharing application that runs on iPhone.

the server technology behind Taxi-Partage was developed by Senda, a partner of Orange based on Chronomove, their multimodal, real-time, door to door trip comparison service.

With Taxi-Partage the user set a departure place and time and a destination and the server gives back the best matches based on time, location and the ratings received by the other persons in previous use of Taxi-Partage. Once the best match is found a chat windows allows people to get in touch and find their partner for the ride.

The application seems particularly interesting on places where many people are queuing such as airport or at the end of large events such as concerts. This type of community application however requires a large pool of users to start getting matches.

Watch the video demo below:

Tuesday, October 12th 2010

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