Taiwanese OEM Wonde Proud chooses NemeriX’s GPS

Wonde Proud BT100X
Wonde Proud BT100X
NemeriX, a Switzerland based fabless GPS semiconductor company, announced yesterday that Taiwan-based OEM Wonde Proud Technology has selected NemeriX for its new generation of GPS mouses, trackers and dataloggers.

Wonde Proud's Director Marketing Mark Hu said, "We chose NemeriX technology due to its superior low-power performance, high sensitivity and reliability. NemeriX's solutions are already in our CD100, CD110, BT77 and BT55 models, so this agreement marks a further strengthening of our partnership."

"We will also integrate NemeriX technology into our new models including the BT100X, CD150 camera detector, CD160 data logger, VT100 vehicle tracker plus NJ2020 later this year. We expect to produce up to 600,000 pieces in 2007."

NemeriX technology is already built into four models currently available in the UK under the brands of Holux, OnNext and Polaris. European brands include Adapt, XAIOX and Oasis-Media.

Wednesday, June 6th 2007

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