TIM to sell Blackberry Curve 8310 with Garmin Mobile

TIM to sell Blackberry Curve 8310 with Garmin Mobile
For the launch of Blackberry Curve 8310 in Italy, wireless operator Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) currently offers a pre-installed Garmin Mobile navigation software (off-board version) with an in-car mount. After two free months the solution costs €12 per month.

This Blackberry Curve 8310 “travel edition” is part of an initiative by TIM to offer navigation on its range of smartphones. Previous announced models includes a range of Nokia phones with Nokia Maps navigation software.

With this Garmin software on a Blackberry, It seems TIM’s previous agreement with Telenav, announced in February 2007 - for off-board navigation on the BlackBerry 8707, 8700, 7130 and the BlackBerry Pearl - has come to an end.

Garmin Mobile is also available at TIM with the Samsung SGH i-780, but in this case this is a global deal with Samsung and this version of Garmin Mobile is on-board (Italian maps are integrated).

Monday, May 12th 2008

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