T-Mobile Launches Child Tracking and App that Blocks Text-while-driving

T-Mobile Launches Child Tracking and App that Blocks Text-while-driving
Based on Location Labs technology, T-Mobile US today announced the launch of T-Mobile FamilyWhere, a service that allows parents to access location information for their child as well as the DriveSmart Plus application that target teen drivers and disables text messaging while driving.

FamilyWhere provides parents with a Web and monitoring solution that offers real-time location information and the option to receive location alerts via the Web, text message or e-mail. A FamilyWhere mobile app is also available on a selection of Android smartphones to check a child's location while on-the-go. The service also allows parents to create scheduled alerts to help ensure a loved one is at home by curfew or arrives at school or other predefined location on time.

The T-Mobile FamilyWhere service costs $9.99 per month (after a free 30-day trial); it includes all phones on a user’s family plan. Location Lab (formerly known as Wavemarket) was already powering AT&T FamilyMap (read here), Alltel Family Finder (read here) and Sprint Family locator (read here)

Preventing teens to text while driving

DriveSmart Plus, automatically detects when a user may be driving and sets the phone into 'Driving Mode', sending incoming calls directly to voicemail and preventing access to text messages, except through applications specified by the customer. Additionally, an auto-response text message is sent to the person who phoned or texted alerting them the recipient is driving and unavailable to receive calls or messages.

In the event of an emergency or if the user is a passenger in a car, DriveSmart Plus allows the user to override 'Driving Mode'. Parents can choose to be notified by text message or e-mail when the override occurs and can view phone usage during the override from the DriveSmart Web interface.

DriveSmart Plus is currently only available for download onto the LG Optimus T, with support for additional devices coming soon. It costs $4.99 per month per family (up to 10 phones can be installed at the same price).

Wednesday, January 19th 2011

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